How To Understand A Phone Interview



How many of you feel uncomfortable speaking on the phone? As members of the socially awkward Millennial generation, our generic comforts of communication start at textversations and skip to coffeeshop chit chat. While our social lives may have adjusted to this new norm, the phone is still a crucial communication tool in the professional realm. Enter the phone interview complex.

Not only are we predestined to shake with sweaty palms throughout minutes one, two, and three, speaking in real time without the luxury of tangible analysis, via text or body language, makes deciphering the success of a phone interview an arduous task.

Fear not! Here are 3 surefire ways to understand the outcome of a phone interview:

So, tell me about yourself?

It’s a given the landscape of your interview will cover your professional background and education. This information serves as the basis for determining your level of qualification for the position. It’s the expected. A sign your interview is going well is if it the conversation takes a turn into the unexpected. The unexpected ranges from inquiring about specific contributions  to previous internships to lifestyle questions in attempt to gage whom you are as a person. The more questions, the better. This shows they’re not only interested in seeing if you’re a fit credentially, but if you’re a fit for the office culture and team social dynamic.

Tick tock goes the clock

Phone interviews are no different than first dates. A clear sign there is a connection is if coffee turns into dinner which turns into a movie. While an interviewer is by no means going to invest in that extent of seduction, a phone interview that lasts longer than scheduled is a strong indicator of interest. Prolonging a preliminary call shows the interviewers is excited about you as a potential candidate. While there is no magic time length, 20, 30, or even 45 minutes is a great sign!

The second date

No one feels safe leaving a situation with unknown prospects. If an interviewer explains the next steps clearly at the end of the call, congrats; you have a second date!


Are you a pro at the phone interview? Comment with your tips and tricks below!


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