How To Stay For More Than One Semester


While autumn leaves have not yet sprouted into view, Fall is quickly approaching; especially in the internship world! When checking out our internship listings, you’ll see everyone from Harper’s Bazaar to Tom Ford is on the hunt for the perfect Fall interns to join their esteemed company. But what if you’ve already found your home? A home so cookie-cut to your hopes and dreams that every other company, no matter the prestige, does nothing to make your heart skip a beat. It’s love.

Interns commonly hop from company to company looking for the perfect fit but, if you’ve been lucky enough to find your soul internship, you don’t have to leave! Commit to your love! But you have to act quick if they’re unaware of your infatuation, because they may already be courting other candidates. Don’t fret! Here’s how to stay onboard for another semester.

The first step should obviously be being the best intern you can be. Show up early; stay late; complete all of your projects on time; go above and beyond on projects; email etiquette; etc. Everything you need to know to be the best intern is covered biweekly in’s blog – so check it out (even though you are already here!)

Since you’ve already spent a semester learning the ins-and-outs of the position, you’re already more qualified than any other candidate off Fashion Ave. Mastery of these tasks is essential, but how to elongate your time with the company is by building on them. Ask for more responsibility to make yourself an invaluable asset to the company; an investment they couldn’t stand to lose. The more involved you are, the more sense it makes to keep you on board.

Similarly, hopefully you’ve maximized your days at the company not just hiding in the intern closet, but meeting and greeting with the other employees in the company (check out our blog post on how to meet your executives.) Making connections with everyone in the company is how you integrate yourself into the company culture and family. You want to become one of them! Leaving a lasting impression on more than just your boss can lead to a team of cheerleaders rooting for you to stay at the company.

After you’ve done everything necessary to qualify yourself for a multi-semester intern, it’s time for “the talk.” Email your boss asking him or her if you could sit down and speak with them when they have a chance. Once in your mini-meeting, start off the conversation by showering them with compliments. Compliment the position and how much you’ve learned from him or her. Not sucking up, but kind of suckng up… Follow your “sucking up” with something along the lines of: “That being said, I would love to have the opportunity to continue to grow with this company and expand my education here for another semester.”

If you’ve lived up to your superstar potential, they’ll be more than thrilled to keep you for another semester.

Stayed at an internship for more than one semester? Share your story by commenting below!

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