How To Make Your Cover Letter Memorable


“Hi, my name is _____ , and I am interested in the position of _____.” Snooze… Yet, that’s how most of us start our cover letters. It’s not a wrong way to start your cover letter, it just simply lacks any gusto that will separate your letter from the slew heaped on an employer’s desk. But, there is a wonderful alternative that will make you memorable!

What? Opening with a story!

Employers are people. People love to be entertained. Stories are entertaining. People love stories. The math is simple! Leading with a personal story that either happened at work or during your free time that is dramatic, interesting, unique, exciting, or downright unusual provides a welcomed differentiation from the pile of cover letters he or she is going through. Not only does your fresh anecdote catch the reader’s attention, weaving in your skills exhibited in your story slyly demonstrates your ability to do the job well.

The best part of including a personal story is it is your’s and only your’s. No one has had the same experience, making your tale individual and memorable. But, be careful. Don’t la-de-da about your entire life story. It’s time consuming and, honestly, no one cares. Select a concise story that proves your qualification with care.

Remember: the same person that binge watches Scandal is reading your cover letter. Channel your inner-Olivia Pope and have some fun!

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