4 Golden Rules Of Internship Etiquette


Every activity comes with a corresponding etiquette. Whether it be courting a delicate woman off her feet or saying please and thank you, every human activity comes with unspoken guidelines to appropriate manners. Internships are no exception. While the rules of internship etiquette may be unspoken, they will no longer be unwritten. Behold the four golden rules of internship etiquette:


Here’s your new favorite three-letter word: y-e-s. Yes! Say yes to everything (within reason) at your internship. Can you refill the printer? Yes! Can you run a quick errand? Yes! Can you look this up? Yes! While not everything you’re agreeing to may seem of educational value, being known as the yes-person will set you up as the go-to person when the grand tasks come along.

You’ve got mail!

Email doesn’t have to be an art if you master the basics of appropriate etiquette. Answer promptly, use full sentences, and check your spelling and grammar. For more tips on email etiquette, check out our post on The Dos and Don’ts of Email.

Your cell phone is killing you

Our cell phones are the bane of our future success. The urge to release our iPhone peeing out of the outside pocket of our work bag is a struggle we all know is real. The last thing you want to be known in the office as is the girl with the texting addiction. Now, this is not to say you need to say goodbye to your phone and hello to separation anxiety. Before your phone becomes your desk-side neighbor, scope out the office culture and etiquette when it comes to cell phone usage. At some internships you may benefit from prompt cell phone usage in terms of communication. But don’t get too excited; this does not by any means include your BFF or the beau.

A time and a place

Your fellow interns make great friends, but there is a time and a place to be gabbing about weekend plans. Be fully present when you’re working, and take advantage of coffee and lunch breaks to fit in that much needed girl talk.

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