3 Ways To Leave Your Internship With A Bang

As the semester comes to a close marked by an impeding load of cramming procrastinated material into your overstuffed brain and a slew of Scantrons, the end of your internship is quickly approaching. While you’ve been rocking it all semester long, last impressions are almost as important as first impressions. Therefore, in order to be an intern to be remembered for years to come, it’s time to end with a bang! A big bang! A “break the internet” kind of bang! Here are 3 ways to leave your internship as an intern icon to be reckoned with.

Leave a legacy

A wildly popular lifetime achievement is to leave a legacy. As meager late teens and twenty somethings, leaving this planet with an empire of offsprings is decades away. Instead of thinking far beyond the stars of the future, a way to leave a legacy today is by developing a structured guide on how to be an optimal intern at your company. Creating a binder describing your job responsibilities, daily activities, and pending projects creates an invaluable resource that will be used for years to come. But don’t stop there. Be a proactive legacy and offer to train new interns and provide counsel even after your internship has come to a close. This shows that you sincerely care about the company and are passionately invested in its success. Now, that’s a legacy.

Thank you x 2

Hopefully you’ve made connections with not just your boss, but other influential cogs that make the company a well oiled machine. Instead of taking the relationship for what it was, shoot them an email a week before the end of your internship thanking them for their guidance and contribution to a fruitful internship experience and include your personal contact information. On the your last day, follow up with your initial thank you email with a hand written (yes, hand written) thank you note thanking them for their time and that you will be in touch and look forward to a long lasting relationship. Beware, this is not a mushy-gushy love letter to the one that got away. Keep the thank you letter concise, professional, yet meaningful.

Plan for the future

If your experience as an intern has sparked a being inside whose gut is certain this is the company you’re destined to work for, don’t assume your boss is a mind reader. Schedule a brief meeting with your boss and very politely and professionally let it be known that the internship has shaped your career aspirations and working for the company would be a dream come true. Don’t expect a job offer on the spot; this revelation is simply getting your foot in the door.

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