3 Mistakes Interns Make When Applying



Applying for an internship is an arduous task. Seamlessly landing an internship is an art. Your resume and cover letter should speak for themself to make your entrance into an interview. But walking into the office doors in a crisp, black blazer and a confident countenance doesn’t mean you’re done with your application. In fact, your resume in conjunction with an interview makes up the entirety of the application process. Only after you’ve rocked those can you kick off your heels and take a deep, relaxing breath.

As youthful interns who are green to the application process, compared to seasoned professionals, there are 3 key mistakes made that need to be recognized and combatted.

Don’t fake it

We’ve covered in our previous post The Biggest Resume Mistakes common errors interns make when constructing the holy document, but what we didn’t address is how to combat a lack of work experience. Having only a couple years of college under our belts, with corresponding work experience, leaves us with a lack of qualifications we assume we need. Don’t fake it. Even (debatebly) worse, don’t create a resume that is the spitting image of a job description instead of showing or explaining accomplishments. Push your ego aside and realize sample trafficking is not rocket science. Impress employers by including non-work world related accomplishments, such as volunteering or school projects, that show achievement and results. That is what will impress an employer.

Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Don’t just check for accuracy grammar and spelling yourself, reach out to friends and family and have them proofread it for you. And then reach out to more people. The more eyes that preliminarily scan your resume the better. It’s the tiniest of errors that may cost you the job.

Use the Internet

We don’t just live in a digital age, we grew up during the peak of its metamorphism. Needless to say, we millennials are well-versed in the ways of the Internet. One of the biggest mistakes prospective interns make is prepping for an interview scrolling through Facebook instead of soaking in knowledge from the company’s website. Learning everything possible about a company before the interview provides preparation to not just accurately answer questions regarding your familiarity with the company, but allows you to specifically tailor your answers to be in line with their mission statement and core values.

Have you learned from any of these mistakes? Share your story and comment below!


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