How To Use LinkedIn

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Life is most efficient when priorities are managed and organized into recognizable and sensible categories. Similar to deciding whether studying for your marketing mid-term or writing an article of your school newspaper is of higher importance, our generation dabbles in the struggle of differentiating the social media hierarchy. Should our 20 minute break be spent scouring Twitter or pinning like a madwoman? The extremely powerful platform you’re not so likely to incorporate into your daily social media bundle is LinkedIn. While it may not be as interactive as hanging out with your gal pals on Google Plus, a well-developed LinkedIn profile separates the the bold from the basic.

We’ve already covered why you need to make a LinkedIn profile, and now it’s time to layout exactly what you should be doing on LinkedIn to optimize publicity and functionality.

On a daily basis…

Take a break from liking Buzzfeed article that seem to actually be your entire Facebook news feed and open up LinkedIn in an adjacent tab. Get in the habit of perusing your LinkedIn homepage to catch up on what your fellow professionals are accomplishing as well as industry news. But don’t be a silent stalker. Comment and like posts just like as your would on any other social media platform. The difference and benefit here is that putting yourself out there could lead to a job opportunity.

On a weekly basis…

How would you like to brag about your accomplishments every week? Now you can! While you’ll come across as “that girl” if you constantly brag about your work successes on Facebook, LinkedIn’s career-oriented purpose is made for sharing with the world how awesome of a worker you are. In addition to fulfilling your ego, sharing a quick update about your work endeavors is a magnificent way to instantly show potential employers why you’re profile is worth a glance.

On a monthly basis…

Just like you update your evaluation of the frat guy you’ve been dating upon the monthly mark of your time together, each month requires a LinkedIn profile update. So much can happen in a month, and keeping an updated record of accomplishments and tasks will save you plenty of head scratching on the dull Sunday afternoon you decide to update your resume. Not to mention, it ensures employers are readily updated on your latest accomplishments.

Do you have any more LinkedIn rituals? Share them with us by commenting below!


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The Biggest Resume Mistakes


When we were wee pre-teens embezzled in rhinestoned, Juicy Couture track suits and Abercrombie tank tops, a certain “ordinary girl” who had “the best of both worlds” taught us that everybody makes mistakes. Seeing Miley’s recent pastie fiasco at Alexander Wang’s NYFW show after party, the ex-Disney sweetheart will certainly admit mistakes don’t disintegrate with age. The same applies to your resume. Even as your resume matures and lengthens with experience, mistakes are still prone to occur. In fact, the more jaded you become, the less likely you are to be critical enough of your resume. Mistake number one. Here are the rest of the biggest resume mistakes you’re making:

You’re going to cause the robo-apocalypse

With modern technology and word processors, typos are an impossibility, right? Wrong. The day we start trusting robots is the day that will mark the beginning of the robo-apocalypse. Not only is relying on your computer to fix your errors dangerous for the future of the entire world, it most likely won’t correct all of your errors, showing employers a lack of effort and detail-orientation put forth.  To combat this potential catastrophic cataclysm, try reading your resume from bottom to top or have a fresh set of eyes seek out errors. It’s the safer option.

Your resume will burn…

This is a mistake made over and over again! Make your resume one page. That’s it. Any additional pages will be burned. Think of it this way, for every 10 years of experience you may include a page. As interns, that’s most likely impossible, unless you were a 10-year-old prodigy. Not only are you not qualified to submit more than one page, 9 times out of 10 anything past the first page won’t even be read. Also, remember the sole purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. Once you’re in, then is your chance to elaborate. Keep it clear, concise, synthesized, and prioritized to one page for a winning resume.

Plain & simple

White paper. Black ink. 10 point font. Times New Roman. Half-inch margins. Nothing more.

Have more tips and tricks? Comment below!

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How To Get Your “In” in the Exclusive Fashion Industry


Since every wee fashionista blossoms from tomboy skater shoes to an entry-level designer purse, a penchant for an iconic, innovative brand develops. From Coco Chanel desktop screensavers to dreams of dressing top to bottom in Michael Kors’ “MK” logo, the thought of working in the luxury fashion industry is a euphoric dream we eat, sleep, and breathe in order to succeed. But entry into the fashion industry is as exclusive and selective as admittance into the club of Birkin owners. It requires connections. A friend. An “in.” Thankfully, Free Fashion Internships is all of these!

For less than Sunday brunch of omelettes and OJ at Le Pain Quotidien, Tom Ford, Gucci, YSL, and all of your favorite fashion giants can get to know about YOU! When can submit your resume to be a part of our Fall/Winter 2014 Intern Lookbook, we will distribute your resume to our massive list of contacts at the fashion industry’s top companies. At $19.99, getting your ‘in” into this competitive, cut-throat industry is easier than pulling off a messy bun on a crisp Fall day.

Get ready to be “sup-ing” Vera and chilling D&G style.

Submit your application by Sunday, September 28th at midnight EST.

Click to Apply!


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5 Ways To Deal With A Miranda Priestly


Dear fashion interns: Miranda Priestly is real. Everything little rumor and movie stereotype that’s been cast upon your fragile mind about terrible bosses is totally and completely true. Some bosses yell. Some bosses insult you and your work. Some bosses are never satisfied. As hard as you try to grow a skin as thick as a Chanel alligator bag, the mental abuse can leave you dragging your feet down 7th Ave in tears. While Cruella does exist, and you may become one of her hundred and one Dalmatians, there are ways to charm her innate cruelty.

Be an early bird

Our first blog post ever, What T-Pain Can Teach You, was the first piece of wisdom we chose to impose for a reason. The easiest way to impress anyone and everyone is showing up early. The simple act of arriving early exudes that you are a responsible, overachieving individual who is eager to soak up every inch of knowledge. When your smiling face is the first thing your boss sees when he or she struts in with their morning coffee, a wonderful impression is made from the beginning of the day and onward.

Andy Sach’s cerulean sweater (law)

It’s true – dress for the job you want, not the job you have. The number one example of this clique: Andy Sachs (yes, The Devil Wears Prada actually is life.) We all remember the pivotal point in the critically acclaimed film when Andy shed her cerulean sweater for pounds Dolce and Chanel she was lucky enough to be given (sorry, that will never happen) from the Runway sample closet. Her simple outfit change was a major turning point in the movie because that was when Miranda started to accept her. As superficial as that sounds that a boss may change his or her opinion of you when you strap on a pair of slingbacks, how you present yourself says a lot about how you value yourself. If you want to get that up and down eye scan, dress to impress. Check out our style section for more on how to construct the perfect office outfit.

Your iPhone is ruining you

Your phone is your worst enemy. We all suckle at the bright light of a blacklite screen every time and automated ring introduces a text from your BFF. You have to respond! You just have to! Of course, succumbing to that text leads to a string of Instagram stalking and Tindering. But playing with your phone makes you “that” intern. Everyone knows “that” intern, especially your boss, and not in a flattering sense. Combat your addiction by deleting distracting apps, silencing your phone, or even leaving your phone in your bag *gasp.* Ignoring your phone may be your Everest, but focusing on your job impresses your boss.

Just keep swimming

Go the extra mile. While it may make you sweat profusely, leaving your Mac mascara smeared under your (designer) eye bags, every superstar intern go all out. Do want you’re told to do, and then some. If you’re crafting an Excel report, take the extra five minutes to bold, highlight, and spell-check to ensure a peak presentation. Add a “wow” factor to your work. This doesn’t mean you have to be the last one to leave the office, especially if you’re unpaid. All it takes is a few extra minutes of effort and putting yourself out there  to impress your boss.

Get your schmooze on

It’s time to get your schmooze on. A great way to get on your boss’ good side is to make their interests your interests. Immersing yourself into their world of interests builds a bond between employer and employee that can easily make you the favorite. Tread lightly, though. No deep, philosophical heart-to-hearts or drunken tales; keep it to casual small talk over shared commonalities.

Ever dealt with a Miranda Priestly? Share your story and comment below!

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3 Reasons Your Resume Doesn’t Stand Out

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There are three types of fashionistas in this world: fashion innovators, fashion leaders, and fashion followers. Fashion innovators are the outlandish Lady Gagas of the streets, sporting outfits worthy of stopping and staring. Fashion leaders possess a confident authority that makes them a reliable, Kate Middleton-esque role-model. Everyone else is a fashion follower. The word “follower” comes with a negative connotation, but the definition is in the sense of we are one out of millions of fashion devotees. For each follower comes a single resume that can easily be bypassed by an innovative leader. Fight your natural tendency to follow by making your resume stand out with these three tips…

#EventPlanning #Marketing #Editorial

If there is anything to make you stand out, it’s “hot words.” Like hashtags, they draw the eye in and get your message across in a trendy (or trending) fashion. Instead of hiding them in sentences, customize your work experience sections. Instead of an ambiguous “Work Experience” headline, divide your resume into “Event Planning Experience,” “Editorial Experience,” or “Marketing Experience.” This easily portrays that you have a diverse range of experience.

Did you do it?

It’s too easy to simply copy and paste a job description on your resume. But employers aren’t interested in what you did, they’re interested in what you accomplished. Confused? Let’s break it down…

No way…

– Maintained the organization of the sample closet

– Assisted with sample trafficking

– Coordinated messenger services and international overnight shipments


– Maintained the organization of 5 brands in a sample closet of over 50 garments

– Assisted with daily sample trafficking of 3 brands to and from major fashion publications

– Coordinated messenger services & international overnight shipments maximizing efficiency by 20%

Ugh, cover letters….

No one likes writing a cover letter and, if you do, good for you, but you need to find a hobby. It’s monotonous, you never know quite what to say, and it just reiterates your resume, right? Wrong! A cover letter is an introduction to your personality. It brings a ray of color to a bunch of black and white characters. If you omit sending a cover letter, you are sure to blend in. Check out our cover letter advice section for more tips.

Have anything to add? Comment below!

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The Internship Word Vomit

burn_book_mean_girlsEvery Mean Girls groupie knows the dangers of word vomit. Whether it’s under the pressure to maintain constant conversation with your school’s Aaron Samuels or an impulsive retort uttered before you’ve grasped an understanding, Cady Heron’s wisdom is applicable to every aspect of life, especially the internship world. Nestled behind draping dresses in the fashion closet or cuddled behind a cubicle, thinking before you speak is crucial. Here are the five word vomit phrases you need to hold back while on the job.

I’m bored…

Think you’re bored? You can’t be. It’s near impossible. If you’re bored at your internship, it’s because you’re not taking the initiative to branch out past your comfort zone and, instead, are submitting to laziness. There is ALWAYS something to be done! Feeling at a loss for ideas? Here’s our post on how to get more responsibilities.


A big reason why we do internships is so we can put it on our resumes in order to gain experience and be qualified for bigger and better things. But that’s a unspoken truth that you should never admit to, especially while at your internship. People in the work world morph into gossiping vultures who wouldn’t think twice before taking you down a notch, so don’t give them any bait.

Get over it

Not every internship is created equally, and it’s important to live in the present, not the past. You may have had more responsibilities at your old internship that expanded broader than coffee runs and trips to the copy machine, but that’s over. Done. Finito. What you did in the past is only a story to read on your resume. Don’t feel like anything is beneath you, and definitely don’t show it. Expressing that you’re under-stimulated makes you seem whiny and immature, which, ultimately, won’t earn you more responsibilities.

Hush, hush..

Talking smack will only hit you back. Like your mamma always told you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it. You most likely will encounter a co-worker who finds Tindering a higher priority than your daily tasks. As much as it pains you to see him or her slack off while you’re working your butt off, zip your lips. Their lackluster work ethic will catch up with them in the long run, and chances are your boss is already aware of the issue. Think of it this way: lazybones only makes you shine brighter.

Where’s the Advil?

All work and no play is no fun, but keep your drunken wayfarings to yourself. While you may work in a judgement free environment where you feel comfortable sharing, complaining about today’s hangover or overanalyzing last night’s hookup are touchy subjects. Remember, your boss is not there to be your best bud, and there should be a line drawn between friendship and professionalism. That’s not to say you can’t be friendly with you boss, but keep the conversations shallow and surface.

Have any word vomit stories? Comment below!

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Fashion Friday: Shades of Grey

The staple trend for New York Fashion Week workers: black. From frantically dressing models backstage to distributing gift bags, a head to toe black ensemble is not just recommended, but mandatory. If you’re internship doesn’t have you working the shows, you can still show your NYFW pride by dressing in shades of grey!

Dark, sophisticated, and sleek.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 1.29.54 PM

Find details from the outfit here!

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The Internship Deadly Sins

Isla Fisher

As human beings, we are all blasphemous creatures lurking on every moment to commit a devious deed without the thought of impending repercussions. Whether greed is gripping your soul, whispering in your behind your Lee Brevard hoops to splurge on a Chanel bag, or lust is luring your heart away from your Art History studies and into the open arms of that Sigma Chi. That doesn’t make us evil, it just makes us people. And, as people, we have the wonderful opportunity to combat deadly sins and live life as educated optimists who have matured through life’s anticipated mistakes. While there are, stereotypically, seven deadly sins to fight, the internship world is only plagued by five.

Brain drain

As the hours in the day dwindle by, our brains drain at a quickening pace that, no matter the job, can leave us yearning to check out early. If your mind checks out before your body, you’re very likely to make mistakes in your work, which your boss may end up having to correct. A pattern of making mistakes only leads to a reputation of being unreliable and lazy. Take a Starbucks break, and fight back!  A ten minute walk to the caffeine conglomerate can do wonders for your energy level and mental agility.

Being sure you’re uncertain

Unless your internship supervisor explicitly instructs you not to ask questions (which hopefully doesn’t happen,) be sure to assure your uncertainties. Your boss would be thrilled to answer your questions about an assignment beforehand instead of having you slave away for hours, ultimately doing the assignment incorrectly. The few minutes of clarification will save hours of frustrating corrections.

Work with your wardrobe

Whether you’re working in fashion or not, you’re being judged based on what you walk in the door wearing. An outfit says so much regarding your professionalism, enthusiasm to succeed, and commitment to the job. For tips on how to ace an office look, check out our style section.

The “no” word

Never put yourself in a situation where “no” has to be the answer. Every task assigned should be welcomed with an enthused grin and an excited “on it!”. Turning down an assignment, for whatever reason, is taboo. To avoid this catastrophe, develop a schedule and prioritize your work.

Pretend pinky promises

Similar to refraining from turning down assignments at all costs, you also don’t want to make promises you can’t keep. Telling your boss you’ll have something done in an hour when you haven’t even completed your daily duties is an over promise you don’t want to make. Stay realistic, and don’t be afraid to be honest with you boss on your timetable. It’s better to impress him or her by finishing before expected instead of way after.

Have any more sins to add to the list? Make it seven and comment below!

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